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Benchmarks Here is the continuation of a series of comparison tests that is without doubt bound to cause a huge amount of controversy: Workstation Benchmarks: Windows 7 vs. Ubuntu Linux There are performance wins and losses on both sides of the fence, but Ubuntu compares very well with Windows 7, and no doubt these tests indicate a much closer performance comparison than most people would have expected.
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Don't forget these benchmarks are often made to make the side that you want to win, win. These systems are designed with different algorithms for handling different sorts of problems. Some features windows handles better others Linux handles better. If you want windows to win you run benchmarks that favor windows. If you want Linux to win use benchmarks that favor linux.

Using these benchmarks to determine if two different systems has one better then the other is the wrong approach...

What should have been done was using the same set of benchmarks on Windows XP, Vista and 7 with say Ubuntu 8 - 10 and see who has the best improvements from its previous version. But not to whom is better.

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