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Linux As we mentioned in a previous article, Red Hat advocate Greg DeKoenigsberg claimed that due to the much larger amount of code it's contributed, Red Hat is a better open source citizen than Canonical, adding, "Canonical is a marketing organization masquerading as an engineering organization." A Computerworld blog retorts that that's no insult; and that marketing Linux could be just as important to the cause as contributing code. Updated
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No it didn't grow based on statcounter:

I think Ubuntu has actually been bad for Linux due to it having zero corporate appeal. A weird brown er.. aubergine OS that sounds like a curry dish is not going to go far with the typical CTO. Name and presentation mean a lot and Ubuntu doesn't have either.

Linux Mint has a much better name and comes with a complimentary theme that results in a cohesive offering. People have heard of Linux, Mint is associated with value, and green has wider appeal than brown or pretty purple. Shuttleworth should fire his design team and hire the Linux Mint guy.

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