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Linux As we mentioned in a previous article, Red Hat advocate Greg DeKoenigsberg claimed that due to the much larger amount of code it's contributed, Red Hat is a better open source citizen than Canonical, adding, "Canonical is a marketing organization masquerading as an engineering organization." A Computerworld blog retorts that that's no insult; and that marketing Linux could be just as important to the cause as contributing code. Updated
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RE: Ubuntu
by nt_jerkface on Tue 3rd Aug 2010 19:41 UTC in reply to "Ubuntu"
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Ubuntu is really a breath of fresh air in the Linux world. It has really raised the standards and what you can expect to work without manual fiddling.

I'm not convinced of this. I randomly test distros and I didn't find Ubuntu to be better than openSuse at detecting hardware and Ubuntu has a poor track record when it comes to updates.

I don't think any distro is leagues ahead when it comes to being user friendly. My opinion is that they all need to bake for 3-4 more years. Linux is fine for servers and cell phones but the desktop is a work in progress.

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