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Linux As we mentioned in a previous article, Red Hat advocate Greg DeKoenigsberg claimed that due to the much larger amount of code it's contributed, Red Hat is a better open source citizen than Canonical, adding, "Canonical is a marketing organization masquerading as an engineering organization." A Computerworld blog retorts that that's no insult; and that marketing Linux could be just as important to the cause as contributing code. Updated
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Ubuntu? Really?!
by SonicMetalMan on Wed 4th Aug 2010 00:33 UTC
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Personally I don't understand all the praise heaped upon Canonical for Ubuntu. For me nearly every release had some sort of catastrophic bug that forced me to dump it in favor of something else, usually Fedora. Case in point, 10.04 suffers from a frequent issue on laptops with automounting USB volumes after boot. The user forums were practically useless in diagnosing the problem, most of the lame-brained suggestions for a workaround were silly at best. And of course none worked to resolve the issue. Please note that I managed to determine that EVERY distro based on Ubuntu 10.04 (including LinuxMint 9) suffered the same problem. My ultimate answer was to go back the Fedora world where everything really does "just work".

I have NEVER had a Fedora update to break things that worked at the original install, but Ubuntu updates broke things regularly. Don't take my word for it, read the forums.

The bottom line, Fedora works because REAL software engineers and experienced coders put out a stellar product. Ubuntu is simply more flash than dash. Even release versions feel like beta or RC versions since they are so buggy, and I truly do not believe that Canonical has the resources to fix them.

Please don't misunderstand, I desperately wanted Ubuntu to work for me since package selection is second to none. I just can't tolerate the broken functionality.

Finally, this was posted using Chromium in Fedora 13 running on a Compaq EVO N610C with full Compiz. Rockin' baby.

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