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Linux As smartphone prices decline, they have become more popular every day. Symbian, PalmOS, Windows Mobile and Linux seem to be the big names in this high-end market of phones, all showcasing PDA-like features, native toolkits and fast processors. Today we are looking at one of the most popular Linux smartphones (especially in Asia), the Motorola E680i, which was released around May 2005 and was graciously provided by for this article.
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RE[5]: Maybe I'm retarded...but..
by ormandj on Tue 11th Oct 2005 21:24 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: Maybe I'm retarded...but.."
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Because regardless of how I felt the review was, I found it in no way signified a 7/10, let alone 5/10, or even 3/10. Maybe if you had included the ^^^ information, then sure, a 7/10 would be understandable. Thanks for clearing up your feelings about the phone for those of us who can't read minds/don't like making assumptions that "everything else must be good" simply because it wasn't mentioned as bad. I'll leave this thread alone now, the other readers can get the information out of it needed, and continuing the thread will only lead to the flamewars I'm accustomed to seeing. Really, the attitude isn't necessary, I'm sorry I didn't make assumptions concerning your thoughts, and I'm sorry for being honest in my opinions. It's a good review, it could just do with your previous post tacked on, to clarify the 7/10 rating. Otherwise people will be left thinking it's full of issues, and has very little good going for it.

I'll leave you with some examples of phones that were highly rated. Notice the good/bad ratio in them. There is a reason for that, regardless of what you (the reviewer) might think about the phone, if you don't clarify things, none of your readers will understand.

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