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GNU, GPL, Open Source Free Software Magazine published an interesting lexicon of terms that are thrown around within the Free Software and Creative Commons worlds that have particular meaning, and might not be familiar to people who aren't open source or free culture advocates.
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Comment by Halo
by Halo on Wed 4th Aug 2010 12:32 UTC
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I wish Stallman was slightly more pragmatic, and would abandon the counterintuitive term 'free software' in favour of something less ambiguous.

The FSF adopting 'open source' would be simplest, since the ideological difference between 'open source' and 'free software' is in practice incredibly small, and it would allow the FSF to put its emphasis on 'copyleft'. Still, they find it objectionable due to its lack of emphasis on freedom and, although they probably wouldn't admit it, FSF control.

Even so, there's still options that are more freedom-oriented. Why not 'liberated software'? It's a more brand-aware version of 'software libre' and I'm sure you could bring the OSI people on board with such a term, uniting everybody under a single banner. Sadly, it's clear that Stallman has decided that changing the English language is easier than changing his own brand. A tiny, tiny amount of pragmatism really would go a long way.

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