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GNU, GPL, Open Source Free Software Magazine published an interesting lexicon of terms that are thrown around within the Free Software and Creative Commons worlds that have particular meaning, and might not be familiar to people who aren't open source or free culture advocates.
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Maybe y'all will get this...
by jaklumen on Wed 4th Aug 2010 17:39 UTC
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All these linguistic and nerdy arguments (especially the ones about a KNOWN social inept like Stallman) seem like the Spocks of the world are trying so very hard to convince the Dr. McCoys why they are so perfectly illogical.

And yet if you remember correctly, it was always DeForrest Kelley's character getting exasperated with Leonard Nimoy's character. Spock wasn't getting all flustered with "Bones"; it was the other way around.

The beanie propeller hats, thick glasses, and pocket protectors aren't going to dominate the proverbial catwalks of Madison Avenue, so... heh, I'm sure I'm pissing in the wind trying to give etiquette lessons to a bunch of Pointdexters ;)

Let me put it this way-- more Steve Wozniak, less Bill Gates when Melinda ain't dressing him, capiche?

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