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Linux As we mentioned in a previous article, Red Hat advocate Greg DeKoenigsberg claimed that due to the much larger amount of code it's contributed, Red Hat is a better open source citizen than Canonical, adding, "Canonical is a marketing organization masquerading as an engineering organization." A Computerworld blog retorts that that's no insult; and that marketing Linux could be just as important to the cause as contributing code. Updated
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Agree to disagree
by HunterA3 on Wed 4th Aug 2010 17:41 UTC
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It's painfully apparent, after reading comments over the last week from coders and community members alike, that this will never be resolved and the best thing that Ubuntu can do is move on and do what they feel is best for their distro and their community. If they want to continue to use Gnome code, then either overload the gnome project with commits (even if none are accepted) to shut them up about it, keep using and contributing to it as they do now, or fork and forget those crying because others are not playing the game well enough for their taste. The same goes for RedHat.

My opinion (not for the easily offended)--
Lee Iacoca once said that "you can lead, follow, or get out of the way". Ubuntu and RedHat need to decide where they are in that line. No one is forcing anyone to code or use open source projects and though I'm no expert on the GPL, v2 or v3, I dont recall anything that says you must contribute x amount of commits in order to use code from this project--including Gnome. For real, what is anyone going to do about it? Anyone have the balls to take their GPL code and prohibit another group from using it in accordance to the license agreement because they dont like them? That's right---No one. So for those bickering over this "who's better than who" needs to shut up and grow up. Dont like it? Code for Apple or Microsoft or join their group of fanbois.

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