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FreeBSD Th first release candidate of FreeBSD 6.0 has been released to ftp. As of yet, there are no announcements or release notes. Be sure to use a mirror.
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RE: Still having USB mouse problems
by Lazarus on Tue 11th Oct 2005 21:44 UTC in reply to "Still having USB mouse problems"
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I've had a similar experience with FreeBSD 5.4 and I've got a Logitech USB mouse on my play box (the one I'm using now). It doesn't work under 5.4. USB works on a couple other machines that I've tested it on, and I know that earlier releases of FreeBSD have had no problems with the mouse on this particular machine. *shrug* I couldn't say whats going on.

Shitty hardware? Shitty USB stack? No idea. I'm using a NetBSD live CD on the play box right now, and the mouse works fine.

Welcome to the world of computers. Some things work sometimes ;^)

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