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Benchmarks Here is the continuation of a series of comparison tests that is without doubt bound to cause a huge amount of controversy: Workstation Benchmarks: Windows 7 vs. Ubuntu Linux There are performance wins and losses on both sides of the fence, but Ubuntu compares very well with Windows 7, and no doubt these tests indicate a much closer performance comparison than most people would have expected.
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Well I run multiple distros on a bunch of machines, CentOS on a quad Opteron server, Ubuntu Lucid on my desktop, and Ubuntu Karmic Netbook remix on my eeePC 1000, etc. If I dd /dev/zero to a file or copy some files using Nautilus or cp the system will start to become unresponsive. Windows will gray out, the mouse will stutter and then freeze and launching any new apps will take forever. I have looked and other people seem to have the same issues, even coming up with hacks like "ioReniceD" to ionice background processes. What needs to be done is for the IO scheduler to actively adjust priorities to insure fluid interactivity with the GUI, but seeing that Linux is primarily a server OS kernel I don't see this happening anytime soon.

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