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Hardware, Embedded Systems In previous OSNews articles I've claimed that discarded computers up to ten years old can be refurbished and made useful to someone. They shouldn't be discarded. They should be refurbished -- fixed up and reused -- rather than recycled -- destroyed and separated into their constituent materials. So how does one do this? In this and several subsequent articles, I'll describe how to revitalize older computers.
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Cool article. Which reminds me: some time ago I got for free the computer I wanted as a kid: a 100 MHz Pentium (the original Pentium) :-)

Lately, however, I keep coming across old laptops with hardware problems. I might be able to change the hard disks, but it's usually something completely different. And since there doesn't seem to be a standard for laptop parts, I have no clue what to do with them... Any ideas?

Just to clarify, I'm talking about the "2-3 years out of warranty" kind of old laptops...

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