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GNU, GPL, Open Source Free Software Magazine published an interesting lexicon of terms that are thrown around within the Free Software and Creative Commons worlds that have particular meaning, and might not be familiar to people who aren't open source or free culture advocates.
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I do find it funny... You answer in 2 posts and yet you fail to answer any of my points. You just post more articles...

I'm not worried about the cost of red hat. But it doesnt come without a price tag. And yes i do know that you can use debian and cent os but is it relevant when the article you linked to was about a migration to red hat?

I worked in a company that used red hat because of the support and they just shiped the price tag with our profit onto the costumer.

I havent talked against using open source so why even bother talking about apache? I use open source when it's the best for the job. I simply read your articles and found that you used them in a illformed way.

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