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Hardware, Embedded Systems In previous OSNews articles I've claimed that discarded computers up to ten years old can be refurbished and made useful to someone. They shouldn't be discarded. They should be refurbished -- fixed up and reused -- rather than recycled -- destroyed and separated into their constituent materials. So how does one do this? In this and several subsequent articles, I'll describe how to revitalize older computers.
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I would like to see the numbers on that ... how long is the "long term" before we start to realize the benefit.
I would be shocked if it was within the typical 1 year warranty period for a new system.

In addition to the simple intersection of when:
refurb cost + power = new cost + power
you have to consider:
1. the time-preference of money (I might prefer to - or have to - spend less money now even if it costs more in the long run)
2. the risk of the new computer failing after the warranty period has elapsed and before it has become a savings

It is true the new computer would offer better performance than the old, but if the old provides what you need ... that's kind of the point here, isn't it, that for some people's computer usage (probably not yours, and definitely not mine), a 5 to 10 year old computer will do the trick.

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