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Internet Explorer The British government has rejected a call to dump Microsoft's Internet Explorer 6 (IE6), saying that it is saving taxpayers' money by staying with the nine-year-old browser.
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You underestimate how tied they are to the big proprietary vendors - Microsoft, IBM, Oracle, ....

Spot on. Couldn't agree more.

I work in government and I see first hand how the real financial waste goes to unnecessary consultancy firms and support contracts.

Rather than employing in-house experts they pay Oracle, IBM and BT (to name but 3) to provide a worse service for ten times the price.

And what really makes my blood boil is when the high-level management are questioned about the expensive contracts, the only reason they can provide is because it offers them support for when things go wrong. They management are WRONG.

All we receive for our multi-million pound contracts are:
1/ experts who are unfamiliar with our infrastructure

2/ support taking 3 times longer (as in spite of the number of engineers on call, they are not dedicated to our business thus we do not get priority when the proverbial brown stuff hits the air-circulation devices)

3/ an inability to make our own customizations, configurations, installs, fixes, etc. So we're stuck in a position where we are now dependant on the incompetence of the expensive firms.

4/ and finally (and I think this is the crux of the matter for management) an easy way to deny responsibility for when things go wrong. (ie Management: "It's not our fault every teacher and social worker didn't get paid last month - Oracle didn't fix a P1 bug quickly enough")

Quite frankly, sometimes I think government enjoys getting raped by technology firms as high-level managers are not only ignorant to the processes they manage, but they seem to have a fear for technology and a fear of taking responsibility for their own organisation.

I swear to God, if I went public about some of the waste, they'd have a huge media scandal on their hands.


P.S. I really should get a new job before the insanity of this place drives me to actions I'd later regret.

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