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Original OSNews Interviews If the latest reports on IE9 preview are accurate, then this is a very encouraging development: "The fourth and final Platform Preview for Internet Explorer 9 was released today, along with a raft of new HTML5 demos and tests." Microsoft have reportedly further improved IE9's performance and standards compliance.
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RE[2]: Stygma
by leos on Fri 6th Aug 2010 16:19 UTC in reply to "RE: Stygma"
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Yeah, Microsoft is really slowing down HTML5/CSS3 (both which have large portions which are not done, have ambiguous descriptions, and in the case of SVG Fonts, are useless completely .. ) by actually bringing HTML5/CSS3 into the 21st century with hardware acceleration.

Man do you ever have it backwards. It is way more important to actually support the standards than it is to wring some extra performance out of them. In that respect, IE9 is finally catching up to the status quo after years and years of being an embarrassment. Canvas is really not that important to users compared to all the other standards they screw up.

HTML5 (using this term broadly but mainly Canvas and SVG) wasn't even in the same ballpark as Silverlight performance wise before IE9 came into the picture.

So one irrelevant technology wasn't as fast as another irrelevant technology? Who cares. Everyone doing the kinds of things that required this kind of functionality is using flash anyway.

Before IE9 it was a race to the bottom to implement these features as quickly as possible, with no regard to the fact that they performed like shit.

Hilarious, given the only browser actually performing like shit was IE. Everyone else was doing just fine.

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