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Original OSNews Interviews If the latest reports on IE9 preview are accurate, then this is a very encouraging development: "The fourth and final Platform Preview for Internet Explorer 9 was released today, along with a raft of new HTML5 demos and tests." Microsoft have reportedly further improved IE9's performance and standards compliance.
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RE[3]: Diminishing returns
by leos on Fri 6th Aug 2010 16:23 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Diminishing returns"
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Microsoft really has done something incredible starting with IE8. They did more in two releases to turn their browser around than others have done in many releases. It's a monumental effort, and one they deserve to be commended for.

Wow, you mean after years of doing absolutely nothing they finally threw resources at the problem and managed to sort of catch up to other browsers in some aspects? Yes, very impressive.

And to think, a few months ago some idiots were calling on them to ditch Trident for WebKit.

And we'd be far better off for it. One less rendering engine to support. It's not like IE has any unique features.

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