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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless A bunch of figures travelled all over the web this past week regarding Android's remarkable growth. Its growth is indeed remarkable - bigger than the iPhone, bigger than Research In Motion's BlackBerry (in the US, at least). However, as impressive as those figures are, isn't it about time we start comparing platforms instead of devices?
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What is Apple real goal?
by Christian Paratschek on Sat 7th Aug 2010 11:06 UTC
Christian Paratschek
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Disclaimer: I own an HTC Desire and generally do never buy any Apple products for philosphy reasons - I am a free software nerd and do not like Apple's "Closed Garden" attitude. (End of disclaimer)

Do you guys really think Apple cares that much about being the majority platform and "losing the game" and all that?

In do not. Not for a second.

Apple likes to make a boatload of money. They currently do with their products, be it MacBooks, iPods, iPads or iPhones.

Apple has an enormously loyal followership, even I know quite a few people who tried to get the new iPhone on the release day.

Apple is quite used to NOT being the majority seller in a given category of products. They never were with computers or notebooks, the success of the iPod came (I think) as quite a surprise (and due to unbelievable stupidity from Sony), the iPhone always had to battle with Blackberries, Symbians and heck, even Windows Mobile phones.

My personal opinion is: Apple really does not give a sh*t about being the "market leader" or whatever. They just want to make enormous profit. And be a worthwhile platform. And with a loyal followership with tons of money like Apple (and I guess the status they have in that regard is quite unique), they simply do not have to care if they own 60% or just 15% of the market - as long as their market share does not drop beyond a certain level where they become irrelevant. It even makes them more desirable if they are a niche player with super high quality products - I imagine quite a few of these Apple-Fans like to feel like they are a noble minority. After all, where is the fun in having some cool new iGimmick if everyone else has it too? You can't even show off in front of your friends!

All the while we are discussing what kind of strategical errors Apple is making, they just squeeze out the money from their costumers. And some of those seem to be so deeply in love (or dependent) they might just cut out a pound of their own flesh for the newest iGimmick...

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