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Apple The "Macs are too expensive" argument is one of the most tiresome and long-lived flamewars in internet history. Obviously, Apple makes a premium product and charges premium prices, and you can always find a computer from another vendor that seems to match or exceed specs that costs less. But if you look at Apple's Mac Pro line, and compare it not so much to other vendors, but to the past lineup of Mac Pros, you discover some very unpleasant truths that help explain why Apple is enjoying record earnings for their Mac line, but doing so to the detriment of some its most loyal and valuable customers.
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Comment by deathshadow
by deathshadow on Sun 8th Aug 2010 14:23 UTC
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What the heck is in the kool aid? With statements like "Apple makes a premium product and charges premium prices" -- since calling any of their CRAP "premium" in terms of quality is... mind-numbingly whiskey tango foxtrot territory. Though I love the statement immediately following "and you can always find a computer from another vendor that seems to match or exceed specs that costs less"

If it meets or exceeds the specs, it too is quality or higher quality, which means all Apple does is price gouge.

Seriously, WHAT QUALITY?!?...

Oh look at the quality of the case... Looks at rinky aluminum press fit garbage with ZERO airflow due to it's art *** form over function design -- then looks at my Thermaltake Element G... Yeah, right. Apple wouldn't know proper cooling if it stripped naked, painted itself purple and hopped up on a table to sing "look at what a big cooling fan I am". Makes me wonder just how badly the Mac Pro's thermally throttle themselves.

Look at what they give you for CPU! Xeon man! Thousand dollar CPU with a server caching model for poor desktop app performance, poor pci express interface on the major chipsets and that they won't even tell you the real model number you're getting (X5550 assumed). Sad when it's spanked by a $300 i7 870. Of course when for less money right now you could get a hexa-core i7-970 or for the same money the i7-980X EE...

But it comes with high end video! Since when is a GT 120 high end? $2500 and they can't even put a single previous generation middle of the road nVidia in it? Of course you know why they won't sell you more than a single 4870 or four GT 120's? Because you put anything larger in it the damned PSU is gonna pop! Substandard 600 watt supply they 'imply' is 1200, which is it's theoretical peak not what it can supply continuous. Of course, with their "block every possible real avenue for airflow" artsty fartsy form over function design, I wouldn't even want to think about what putting a FERMI SLI setup in one would do... if the PSU could actually handle it (which it can't)

.. and it gets ugly from there since they are cheap assed bastards not only on the amount of storage and RAM (which reads like middle of the road specs from four years ago)... especially since they buy the rejects off Seagate and Hynix's product lines.

Though really it's all about making their investors happy and being wall street media darlings by way of price gouging - they have the record high profits per unit sold for a reason; and that reason is NOT a indicator of a company that is good for the economy as price gouging is in the top ten causes of inflation; People who buy into the reality distortion field end up paying more for less -- and when people pay more for less that's called INFLATION. So not only are they ripping off consumers, they're degrading the economy while at it.

If I'm going to drop two and a half to three grand on just a box, it damned well better have three 180mm fans, a 230-250mm side fan, a thousand watt PSU, a pair of those beautiful MSI Twin Frozr II GTX 465's in SLI, a pair of 2tb drives, and something more than a first generation nehalem.

Well, let's see...

We know the i7 930 is comparable to the X5550, better in many regards for desktop use. -- $289.99

GigaByte makes a decent mainboard, lets grab one with 4x PCI Express slots - $289.99

Let's go with 12 gigs of G.Skill Ripjaw - $294.99

Pair of MSI Twin Frozr II GTX 465's - $619.98 (309.99 each)

PAir of 7200 RPM Hibachi Deathstars - amazingly hitachi has turned it around the past three years and are now better than even Samsung. (while Western Digital seems determined to flush themselves down the crapper) - $219.96 ($109.99 each)

Lets put a blu-ray burner in it just to be absurd. - $99.99

and for a case, let's put that goofy aluminum trash to shame, and go with a Thermaltake Element G -- which amazingly has a better hard drive mounting system, better airflow, and frankly better style. - $134.99

and finally we'll need a nice big power supply to go with that. We'll gram a 1200 watt CONTINUOUS Thermaltake TR2. - $239.99

For a whoppin total of $2,089.91. It cannot be more than $100 labor to put it together, you slap Win7 Ultimate on there for $150 more, and you could still make $150 or more profit per unit on a standard markup applied ON TOP OF RETAIL. OEM wholesale DFM bulk there's no reason for the above to run you more than $1500 a pop, toss on labor and OS and you could still do $500 or more profit per unit while underselling Apple.

On a machine that's got four times the RAM, six times the storage and a faster processor than the Mac Pro's base model -- and unlike that Mac pro these are PREMIUM parts, not the goofy crap apple shoves in under their shiny veneers... Which Mac's much like cheap furniture you strip off the veneer and it's particle board underneath. Shades of Ikea or Volvo.

Not that any of this is shocking when we're talking about the company who sells 256K color displays as 16.7 million, refuses to acknowledge that their use of edge ribbon connecting BOTH ends of the LCD is the cause of the "striping failures", underclocked CPU's in the G3 and G4 era so they could wrap them in insulating foam instead of putting heat sinks and fans on them in laptops (which was great when the cpu burned a hole clear through the dialup adapter), intentionally shorted ground to data select on optical drives in the entire powerPC era so you 'had' to buy optical drives from them (well, that or short those two pins on the cable), modular mounted laptop internal power control boards becuase they KNEW they were going to fail every six months (pretty much every 'hockey puck' laptop), nebfered their PCMCIA slots so they would ONLY work with broadcom chipset wireless adapters, etc, etc, etc...

But then I could be a bit jaded from having worked as a Apple Certified repair tech in the 90's... Qualifications for such a job being the ability to dial the phone, get a RMA number and ship it back to get an entirely different unit in return with the clients hard drive in it since in reality it's impossible to actually REPAIR anything they make.

Kooality with a Captiol K. I really wonder what the **** planet people who think Apple makes ANYTHING worth spending money on come from... I mean they must be rocking some really good gange or something - which would make sense given their target audience by the advertising looks like slacker stoner ****'s.

Using the word 'premium' to describe anything except their pricing is like using the word quality to describe a 1984 Yugo GV.

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