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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless A bunch of figures travelled all over the web this past week regarding Android's remarkable growth. Its growth is indeed remarkable - bigger than the iPhone, bigger than Research In Motion's BlackBerry (in the US, at least). However, as impressive as those figures are, isn't it about time we start comparing platforms instead of devices?
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android vs ios
by graigsmith on Sun 8th Aug 2010 16:52 UTC
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i had android. i liked it but also kinda didn't like it at the same time.

had some issues with android, or the phone "droid" wasn't sure where the issue was coming from.
sometimes the alarm diddn't ring. mabey only once a month. but thats a major issue to me. and almost every time i would go to use the GPS it would not work. and i would have to reboot. droid boots fast, so it wasn't a big issue. but still, you shouldn't have to reboot to get a feature to work.

those 2 issues caused me to try a palm pre. which the gps never worked on. that was lame. but at least the alarm worked.

saw the iphone 4 commercial and preordered the iphone4. sofar after trying android palm and iphone. i like the iphone best. not only do i not have any issues with the gps or alarm. but i also can buy videos and tv shows and put them on my phone. plus theres supposed to be a netflix app here pretty soon.

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