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Gnome Ubuntu's community manager Jono Bacon talks in an interview with about the relationship between Ubuntu and GNOME, GNOME Shell, Unity and why the netbook market is that important to Canonical.
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RE: Canonical STILL does not get it
by mart on Tue 10th Aug 2010 10:50 UTC in reply to "Canonical STILL does not get it"
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"Hey GNOME, we replaced your systray implementation with KDE's protocol. Yeah, we designed it to be completely incompatible with GNOME-Shell, but you can pick it up at Launchpad nonetheless if you want to and port it to GNOME-Shell yourself so we don't have to do the work in a year or so."

Just to clarify some things: it wasn't GNOME protocol that was replaced by a KDE protocol: it was an old specification, that was agreed upon around 10 years ago and while it was ok-ish enough back then it did really not cut it anymore.

So we designed a new one, and pretty transparently since every revision of the protocol specificaion was posted on freedesktop mailing lists.

Then Canonical ran into the same limitation for what they wanted to do for the system tray and luckily cooperation and communication went well, so they adopted our protocol (some modifications to it come from them even)
The main issue of "being incompatible with the GNOME Shell" I think is right now the current client implementation on GNOME is a panel applet, so that won't work on it, but i think nothing forbids implementing the same thing on whatever level of GNOME shell is needed.
I think if they still want to have a systray at all they will quickly run in the same problems we had, so yes I think cooperation with upstream GNOME is still possible even if it started not too well ;)

The inverse happened for the dbus menu specification, that is the "other half" of the systray spec. we needed something like that and they happened to work just on that, so we adopted it, after the usual back and forth feedback on the spec.
This cross pollination on *both* senses is the way to go and I would like to see it happening more.

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