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Internet & Networking Well, this is interesting. As some rumours already suggested, Google and Verizon have released a joint proposal for a legislative framework regarding net neutrality. This being Google and all, some of you may expect this to be all flower-farting unicorns darting across rainbows, but sadly, that's not the case. This proposal? Well, it's not good.
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My focus is the neutrality of the network far more than who imposes it. The problem with the mega-corporations is that they won't regulate themselves. If the did, there would be no discussion of neutrality in the first place. Ideally, the users would impose this or shop elsewhere but the with Internet.. what other global network are they going to migrate too? There is a far higher probability of a tiered internet and anti-competitive practices if the corporations are left to govern themselves; as Verizon and Google are demonstrating.

I also don't see the inherent outcome of regulation being the FCC choosing the winner. It doesn't have to be like the radio waves where the digital radio carriers have hosed the public through FCC manipulation. Do you complain when the Gov investigates a company like Microsoft for anti-competitive practices against the market? Is it ok for them to regulate the market when real harm can be done to it and the consumer? Why can't FCC imposing neutrality have the same out come protecting the market and consumer?

The real problem is not the FCC imposing neutrality but the citizenry allowing the corporations to dictate neutrality to the FCC. I can understand that concern along with the fact that your Gov needs a thoroughly cleansing enema replacing professional politicians with people who would do the job for the people. But do you honestly think that the corporations are going to self regulate in anything but the corporate interest? They've already demonstrated what direction they want to take it throughout the last decade. Talk about tiered internet goes all the way back to the first civilian broadband installs where Internet 2.0 was supposed to be stinking fast big business, University and rich connections and modem/average speed for everyone who couldn't pay a premium.

In anti-trust cases where a monopoly possition can harm the market and consumer, it takes regulating intervention. The mega-corps want to turn the internet into an olagarchy (only because no one yet own enough network to make it a monopoly dictatorship), it may very well take regulating intervention.

If your government can't do that in the people's best interest then your problem isn't government regulation but the government itself. I think the constitution still allows the people to fix that.. so get on with it.

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