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Internet & Networking Well, this is interesting. As some rumours already suggested, Google and Verizon have released a joint proposal for a legislative framework regarding net neutrality. This being Google and all, some of you may expect this to be all flower-farting unicorns darting across rainbows, but sadly, that's not the case. This proposal? Well, it's not good.
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So, when the entire network is split into teirs.. they customer is going to have alternatives? When the Google/Verison framework blocks new entrants into the market, innovation and competition will flurish?

Their customers will "regulate" by changing ISP,etc. They just won't buy the product. The customers know more and faster what they want than any government guy does.

You must mean that same huge consumer base that purchases products based on quality and technical features rather than marketing and shiny blinkey lights.. for example:

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