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Sun Solaris, OpenSolaris Due to me not working for OSNews these past eight weeks, I've been a bit out of the loop, as I didn't really follow technology news. I did notice that a lot is going on in OpenSolaris land, and today, Oracle has outlined what it has planned for Solaris 11 - and according to some, the fears about OpenSolaris' future were justified.
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Is it bad? Not really.
by J.R. on Wed 11th Aug 2010 21:25 UTC
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Do not forget that Oracle do invest in Linux development, so maybe its not so bad that they reduce duplicate efforts and rather focus on Solaris as a enterprise OS for special requirements and focus on Linux for their opensource efforts. Remember that Oracle can only win by Linux gaining market shares... its far too easy for companies to just use MS SQL Server instead of Oracle DBMS with their Windows-platform (really; many of my clients have switched from Oracle DBMS to SQL Server the last couple of years because they use Microsoft for everything else). OpenSolaris on the other hand probably costs more than Oracle can gain from it.

Just think about it; what is really OpenSolaris's advantage that are not covered by either Solaris or Linux? Will enough people care about those? Truth be told, A LOT of people use Solaris, and a lot of people use linux... I have yet to see anyone use OpenSolaris for anything more than playing around.

As long as they keep investing in Linux and in Solaris, I don't care about OpenSolaris at all. Its better that they do this rather then end up like Sun, investing a lot of money in technology that is going matter how cool that makes them or how theoretically excellent the technology might be.

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