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Multimedia, AV Not too long ago, Apple added the Video Decode Acceleration framework to Mac OS X, allowing developers to get low-level access to hardware H264 acceleration. Adobe was quite thrilled about this, because they claimed this was needed for Flash video to become hardware accelerated on the Mac. This feature's been in beta for a while now, but yesterday they finally released it as part of a regular Flash Player update. Caveat: Apple's support for this framework can be a bit sketchy.
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Comment by kaiwai
by kaiwai on Thu 12th Aug 2010 12:12 UTC
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Apple is in the process of updating their drivers:

This is the second seed so far; from what I understand the drivers, OpenGL and most likely the video decoding acceleration are being given an overhaul. Hopefully the new drivers will translate not only into improved gaming performance but improved video accelerated decoding and OpenCL performance/reliability. Its one of those unfortunate side effects of Apple - due to its caginess they're not as open with their development as other vendors so in the lack of information people speculate and create rumours (no based on any facts) to fill in the blanks.

Hopefully when the new drivers ship, the Core Animation that it is use for Safari (OpenGL used in Firefox) that we'll see better performance results on the IE9 test site ;)

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