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Sun Solaris, OpenSolaris Due to me not working for OSNews these past eight weeks, I've been a bit out of the loop, as I didn't really follow technology news. I did notice that a lot is going on in OpenSolaris land, and today, Oracle has outlined what it has planned for Solaris 11 - and according to some, the fears about OpenSolaris' future were justified.
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RE: Why are prople upset?
by rom508 on Thu 12th Aug 2010 14:10 UTC in reply to "Why are prople upset?"
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Why are people critical of Oracle's move here. OpenSolaris has been around for a while and it garnered little interest. If most of the OpenSolaris contributors were already Sun employees then what is the point. There were those who wanted Solaris to be open sourced just so that they can add the good parts to Linux. Why would a company invest billions on a product to just give it away. How many people work for free.

Or rather Sun were hoping others would work for free and contribute to Solaris like they do for Linux. When it didn't happen, Oracle thought screw you and went back to closed and proprietary software model. Well, there probably were other reasons too.

It just goes to show that "open source" is a buzz phrase, and if open source does not make money, it will be tossed aside for something else. Whenever a corporation "embraces" open source, they are just looking how to make more money quickly and get someone else to write code for free.

The system resembles a rich landowner that has peasants working on his fields. The peasants are given open access to the fields, however the landowner is the one who profits the most from their work.

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