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Legal The entire complaint Oracle lobbed at Google has been available online for a while now, and after reading it through with my total lack of any knowledge of the inner workings of the American legal system, a few things did stand out to me as peculiar. We'll have to wait for a more detailed analysis by someone qualified to do so. Also, a few other notes about this case I've picked up online.
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> "If I had the technical talent available to me to complete with them I'd say its an opportunity to enter a market that isn't already saturated."

I'd say it IS rather saturated, with patents. Actually, saturated is probably even an understatement in this regard... Packed and overflowing would be a better description.

Basically, these days, the chances of a good new idea to become successful without infringing on patents/copyrights is extremely slim. The only reason there still are some ideas that slip through is that they don't generate enough $$$ to attract the IP holders' attention. Yet. Once they do, it's a lawsuit and/or a buyout. The founders get to keep a small amount from the deal, and the world looses another potentially interesting innovation to the hands of the mega-IP corporations, and back to square 1.1

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