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Sun Solaris, OpenSolaris Well, Oracle went from one of those big enterprise-serving companies most of us don't deal with to one of the more hated companies in our little community. Not only did they just sue Google over Android and its use of Java-related technologies, they also just officially killed off OpenSolaris. Solaris will still be open source, but source code will only come after each major release - development will happen behind closed doors.
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No surprises there
by KermitTheFragger on Fri 13th Aug 2010 22:44 UTC
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Well no surprises there, still saddening though. But I guess we can all say we saw this coming.

What annoys me the most about all this stuff-which-we saw-coming-from-miles-away is that regulators in the EU were focused on the fate of MySQL. An insignificant piece of software in Sun's portfolio compared to Java and OpenSolaris with plenty of (beter) alternatives (PostgreSQL, Ingres, FireBird to name a few).

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