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Sun Solaris, OpenSolaris Well, Oracle went from one of those big enterprise-serving companies most of us don't deal with to one of the more hated companies in our little community. Not only did they just sue Google over Android and its use of Java-related technologies, they also just officially killed off OpenSolaris. Solaris will still be open source, but source code will only come after each major release - development will happen behind closed doors.
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Oracle just wants to make profit
by da_Chicken on Fri 13th Aug 2010 23:46 UTC
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Looks like Oracle thinks they can do a better job (financially and technically) without the "Open Source development model". The Open Source way didn't do much good to SUN, so hopefully the proprietary development model works better for Oracle.

Open Source is all about the way which software is developed. Open Source is about being pragmatic, it's not about being political or ideological. The Free Software ideology, on the contrary, is all about doing the "right thing"(TM) -- it's about being ethical in your choices and thinking about users' freedom.

If Oracle manages to make their business more profitable following the proprietary development model, then all the pragmatic Open Source supporters must applaud and agree that they made the right choice. ;)

(Disclosure: I support FOSS in all of its variations, but I think FOSS is better for offering alternatives to the proprietary ways and for "scratching your itch" than it is for making money.)

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