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Legal We're far from done with the Oracle v. Google lawsuit. The search giant has responded to the lawsuit, and Miguel De Icaza has provided a very interesting insight into the case. His report has been confirmed by James Gosling, known as the father of Java who left Sun right after the merger. Icaza speculates that the potential to monetise on Java by suing Google was pitched by Jonathan Schwartz during Sun's sales talks with Oracle. Oh boy.
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Whois David and Whois Goliath???
by ctl_alt_del on Sat 14th Aug 2010 03:03 UTC
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Current market cap:
Google ~150Bil
Oracle ~115Bil

First of all, the Oracle suit against Google is based around Java2ME NOT Java2SE/EE (ie-OpenJDK). Java2ME is NOT open source and NOT covered by patent protection. This suit has no force or effect on the OpenJDK and it's derivatives as it currently stands!

Oracle (Sun) does have a stake in the mobile market with Java2ME, it was one of the only profitable segments of Java for Sun/Oracle. Google was unable to settle on a license agreement for Java2ME, which is why Dalvik was created, and to circumvent the Java2ME license (allegedly).

Java2ME is a licensed product, unlike Java2SE/EE which was open sourced through the GPLv2 and open to all and controlled through the JCP process (as defective as that may be).

Android SDK (with the Dalvik VM, which is the code in question) is not GPL, but APL (ie--BSD-like, any company can take and obfuscate the code). If this was based on OpenJDK (GPL) instead of Harmony (APL) this may be less of an issue. But ultimately, you need a license for Java2ME implementations.

In theory, Android code can be made/taken proprietary through the APL, OpenJDK code cannot and must be kept GPL. Thus Oracle is protecting the Java programming environment by requiring Google to adhere to it's Java2ME licensing and the OpenJDK code base.

So who is David and who is Goliath???
(Personally I detest them both!)

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