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Gnome Ubuntu's community manager Jono Bacon talks in an interview with about the relationship between Ubuntu and GNOME, GNOME Shell, Unity and why the netbook market is that important to Canonical.
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Maybe you should read the whole thread to understand the context. He wasn't implying that applying any patches or modifiying code in general was a bad thing. You are the one who came up with an invalid conclusion from a comment because you didn't read and/or understand the entire thread.

I have read the whole thread. I was just replying to a comment and not to the whole thread. I did not come to an invalid conclusion. His points were pretty straight forwards and didn't required any special pre-requisites for understanding. Or he needs to put forward his point properly.

BTW I did read and understand the whole thread. I am not obliged to answer to the OP. I just replied to one comment when I saw that the guy has written just anything which came to his mind. Or probably he didn't write what he wanted.


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