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Legal We're far from done with the Oracle v. Google lawsuit. The search giant has responded to the lawsuit, and Miguel De Icaza has provided a very interesting insight into the case. His report has been confirmed by James Gosling, known as the father of Java who left Sun right after the merger. Icaza speculates that the potential to monetise on Java by suing Google was pitched by Jonathan Schwartz during Sun's sales talks with Oracle. Oh boy.
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RE: What comes next?
by gnufreex on Sun 15th Aug 2010 09:09 UTC in reply to "What comes next?"
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You should never trust any company, you should always look for leverage.

For using Java, you have leverage. OpenJDK is GPL and distributed by Oracle, meaning that Oracle can't sue anybody over it.

Oracle won't sue developers of Java, they never did that.

Dalvik is not Java. It is competitor to Java, like Mono is. Don't use Mono or Dalvik (or .NET for that matter), and you are in the clear. Use OpenJDK and Oracle can't do anything against you.

Consequences to Google are result of their lack of thought they put into Android design. If they based their VM on standard OpenJDK, this wouldn't happen. They tired to EEE Java, and now they are in problems.

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