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KDE "We always knew that WebKit is going to make Konqueror fast; but how much faster? Today we test that by putting Konqueror with KHTML through the SunSpider JavaScript Test and the then do the same with WebKit. To get an idea of how fast they are compared to other browsers, we also decided to put Firefox 4.0 Beta 2 through the tests."
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RE: Why only now?!
by ssokolow on Sun 15th Aug 2010 19:40 UTC in reply to "Why only now?!"
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As I understand it, QtWebKit didn't expose APIs required for feature parity when KDE 4.0 was released and their API stability policy requires that all APIs present in 4.0 remain throughout the release cycle, so that might have been a drag or disincentive on KWebKit development.

(That API stability policy and having been burned by an earlier GStreamer release is actually what lead to Phonon... apparently at least one GStreamer dev showed quite a lack of maturity at that development.)

Of course, API stability and functional stability are two different things. As much as I like the idea of KDE, I switched to LXDE after waiting through 4.4, still having too many bugs, and discovering that one guy in a basement can easily have a more thought out release testing plan than the KDE guys. (It also doesn't help that they see no problem with the "chuck it all out and start over" pattern that appears at every major version increment with regards to features and stability)

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