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Internet & Networking Lots of talk on net neutrality this week, mostly due to the joint policy proposal from Google and Verzion. While many Americans are calling for government-imposed net neutrality rules, The New York Times' Eric Pfanner proposes a different solution - one that has been working wonders in Europe. And hey, what a coincidence - I'm European!
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Comment by ssa2204
by ssa2204 on Sun 15th Aug 2010 21:41 UTC
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The article presents some nice idealism, however it is far from practical or reality to think that we can institute competition. The cable companies would fight this tooth and nail, and we would see this strung out in the courts for years. By the time we would have a final decision made, we would all be flying our jetpack cars to Mars and back. Believe me, there is nothing on this world I want more than to see the end of local cable monopolization. 40 years of cable has taught me one thing, and that is holding my breath for competition is akin to waiting for the Vikings to win the Super Bowl, or the U.S. to win the World Cup. May happen, just not in my lifetime.

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