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KDE "We always knew that WebKit is going to make Konqueror fast; but how much faster? Today we test that by putting Konqueror with KHTML through the SunSpider JavaScript Test and the then do the same with WebKit. To get an idea of how fast they are compared to other browsers, we also decided to put Firefox 4.0 Beta 2 through the tests."
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Wait until Firefox 4 will be released, and compare then. The current beta is still significantly behind in performance from the planned release version.

I don't understand this mentality. It sounds just like you're just trying to defend Firefox and make it not look bad, ie. an excuse.

What's wrong with comparing _current_ development to _current_ development? There will always be something later on, you just can't ask everyone to wait until the next big thing before allowing comparisons.

Firefox v4 will come when it's ready and will undoubtedly get benchmarks done then but that's then, not now. This is now.

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