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KDE KDE reaches out to another device form factor. Plasma's plugin-based design is at work again, after launching KDE special netbook interface. This time around, the KDE team presents its Plasma Tablet interface.
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by Chicken Blood on Mon 16th Aug 2010 03:14 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Comment by ddc_"
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this will also depend on what platform it will run.
Somewhere it could use an already present system-wide one, or have to use whatever system wide standard way to make it appear when and only when is necessary...

I find the way Opera Mobile does this on my Nokia N900 to be extremely good and would absolutely love to have it in more apps than just one: it shows the virtual keyboard only when you tap on a field that accepts input, zooms in on what you are typing, and hides the keyboard when you tap on "Ready", outside the input area, or you open the hardware keyboard. It also has enough spacing between the virtual keys and numbers aren't accessible by default; you tap on a key with '123' written on it to switch to special characters and numbers. This saves space and makes the keyboard visibly less cluttered.

Sounds pretty much the same as on iOS. Except without the hardware keyboard of course.

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