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Internet & Networking Lots of talk on net neutrality this week, mostly due to the joint policy proposal from Google and Verzion. While many Americans are calling for government-imposed net neutrality rules, The New York Times' Eric Pfanner proposes a different solution - one that has been working wonders in Europe. And hey, what a coincidence - I'm European!
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by Auxx on Mon 16th Aug 2010 06:11 UTC in reply to "So..."
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I live in a small ex-USSR county called Latvia. Here we have an option to get fiber optics plugged right into PC limited to 200mbits (no other limits, 30mbps guaranteed 24/7) in most major cities. That costs about 35 bucks. There's also a 500mbit plan. I'm spending my summer in the county side near sea shore and have 10mbps DSL with no strings attached.

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