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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless I've seen it so many times in the movies and TV: a person wakes up in this futuristic world, walks by his kitchen, and a computerized voice is telling him that someone is calling him. But instead of picking up a receiver, the call is actually a video-call, and his TV is used for the conversation. If you put 2 and 2 together, this is not really that futuristic. Having a camera attached on your TV, and a VoIP SIP or Skype connection with it, is not mad science. So why don't we already have this on our TVs?
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by Kivada on Mon 16th Aug 2010 08:10 UTC
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More camwhores... So if we keep adding crap to a screen that for all intents and purposes should be nothing more then a dumb screen with maybe a pass though hub then how long till it ends up running some crap OS that gets hacked on an hourly basis allowing access to the cam to spy on everything in the room? Most people I know have several TVs, living room, bedrooms, home office, kitchen if they cook allot, basement if it's finished, I even know a guy with a TV in his bathroom...

This could allow someone to have the ability to spy on someone pretty much anywhere in their home since this would inevitably have access to every wireless spec available to the public...

Why do we have to keep tacking on more bullshit where it isn't needed again? Does every damn thing now require a camera and text messaging? Why can't a phone be a phone and a TV be a TV?

NSFW Samuel L. Jackson and Charlie Murphy on Texting

and Sam and Charles on Bluetooth headsets also NSFW

Yeah yeah yeah, get off my lawn, up hill both ways, etc.

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