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KDE KDE reaches out to another device form factor. Plasma's plugin-based design is at work again, after launching KDE special netbook interface. This time around, the KDE team presents its Plasma Tablet interface.
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RE: UI Reuse? Bad Idea
by KAMiKAZOW on Mon 16th Aug 2010 09:33 UTC in reply to "UI Reuse? Bad Idea"
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Hopefully they can get the speed to where it's usable (as shown would drive me nuts after about 2 minute).

"Plasma Tablet on a device that uses VESA drivers and therefor doesn't run at full performance," says the video caption.

Usability is a bit of a concern, only because open source doesn't have the greatest track record for making interfaces that aren't terrifying to the general public (Microsoft does only slightly better). Android is the best at that in the open source world.

IMHO usability-wise pretty much everything is better than the average Microsoft GUI (exceptions like Win Phone 7 exist obviously).
Big FOSS projects like KDE and GNOME have usability teams these days and since it's easier to apply a good GUI on top of new applications (or in this case a completely new GUI on top of an existing core) than to rearrange existing GUIs, I not worried about usability.

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