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Internet & Networking Not too long ago Adobe started a "We love Apple" campaign, as a response to Apple's continuous negative remarks about the company. With Flash 10.1 slowly but surely appearing on more and more mobile devices, it seems like the company just doesn't care about it any more. Adobe's CEO Shantanu Narayen has said they've "moved on".
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So good they're over Apple. When will you stop crashing my web experience on OS X? I'm a customer, and I'm calling for it.

Thank goodness I won't get that experience on iOS.

you have a choice on OS X, if it crashes your web experience and you dont like it, remove the plug-in and you will have a crash-less experience on your OS X, same as on iOS. Some are, however do not experience the crashing experience you are having on OS X and would like to have flash support in their iOS.

Dont want to be able to choose for yourself if you want flash or not on iOS? why do you still have it on OS X if it "crashes your web experience"? why dont you simply remove it and be done with it? or you cant devide for yourself and you think you will be better off if apple also disabled flash on OS X?

This is 2010, a browser crashing on a buggy plugin is a browser's fault, no excuses.

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