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Internet & Networking Lots of talk on net neutrality this week, mostly due to the joint policy proposal from Google and Verzion. While many Americans are calling for government-imposed net neutrality rules, The New York Times' Eric Pfanner proposes a different solution - one that has been working wonders in Europe. And hey, what a coincidence - I'm European!
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"Name one thing the government does well, or one thing they have regulated that had the intended consequences, and maybe I will consider net neutrality. I am not against net neutrality, I just don't think government can effectively implement it. Do it through competition.

One thing they have regulated well? Are you serious? How about Glass–Steagall that would have prevented the economic collapse 2 years ago!

Would it have done so ? I doubt it ... Besides it's an act that stops the flow of money, it can't last in the presence of short-term decision makers.

Nothing short of a king-for-life government could have preserved glass steagall until 2008.

That worked pretty damn well for 60 years.

No it didn't. Read up on history.

About when regulations are actually enforced we don't see the tragic deaths of miners?

Oh right ! fabulous ! Hmmmm, WHO failed to enforce them ? You know, just wondering.

Oil workers? Or just about every god damn American who works in anything but a nice cushy office? How about regulation on S&Ls? That worked out wonders didn't it when that was de-regulated.

So, what you're saying, more accurately, is that because a heavily regulated cooperative, which is controlled by a democratic-type government even when the actual government isn't interfering, because such a cooperative failed ... we need ... more ... regulation ?

I'm trying to dry myself off, come on, God, bring the deluge !

God the ignorance of the masses and their ability to self proscribe amnesia pills.

I would say you're a very good example of that.

Besides, your "cure" for "the (willfull) ignorance of the masses" is to give them MORE power to "self-prescribe amnesia pills". We live in a democracy, remember ?

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