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Internet & Networking Not too long ago Adobe started a "We love Apple" campaign, as a response to Apple's continuous negative remarks about the company. With Flash 10.1 slowly but surely appearing on more and more mobile devices, it seems like the company just doesn't care about it any more. Adobe's CEO Shantanu Narayen has said they've "moved on".
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RE: F* Apple, AND Adobe!
by Doc Pain on Mon 16th Aug 2010 22:13 UTC in reply to "F* Apple, AND Adobe!"
Doc Pain
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I for one cannot WAIT for a truly open, truly anonymous, and truly standards compliant web.

Allow me to add another requirement (that I personally consider very important, too): a barrier-free web. This includes the ability to receive content, no matter if you're blind, deaf, or just have a "nice OS". Conforming to standards is one of the major steps into this direction, as is the urgent need for free and open implementations of that standards - without involving patents, fees and all the unneeded crap that dictates how we experience the web today. Things like interoperability and compatibility also count, especially when looking at the future.

It's going to happen, and when it does, our species will evolve and improve much more quickly!

I don't think so. Observations point into a different direction: We're going to vanish into digital medieval times. We have books more than 100 years old, paintings older than 500 years, evidences of history older than 1000 years, and we know civilizations older than 3000 years, from paintings on walls, and so on; but what will stay from our digital "memories", our encrypted video content and our periodically obsolete media? ;-)

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