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Internet Explorer With the release of Internet Explorer's first beta upon is, it's a good time to look back upon the history of Microsoft's web browser. As it turns out, Internet Explorer turns 15 today, with the first version released August 16, 1995. Pretty turbulent history, there.
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Hazy Days For Me
by purplemecha on Tue 17th Aug 2010 00:05 UTC
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I remember getting my own computer (486) in 1995. It came with 3.1, so I borrowed someones stack of 100 disk ;) Win95. Signed up for Internet and the disk came with Netscape. In '96 Microsoft came out with that big ass download of the IE suite and it took all night. Enjoyed toying with it, but never really left Netscape. I simply segued directly into Mozilla suite and then into Firefox. Got on Firefox around 1.0. Could never get my head around why people would give up their rights to vendor lock in. Plus no matter how much better IE might have been, it still cared more about the web site than users. For example the right click context menu. Still can't figure out why Firefox has the disable right click enabled by default.

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