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Internet Explorer With the release of Internet Explorer's first beta upon is, it's a good time to look back upon the history of Microsoft's web browser. As it turns out, Internet Explorer turns 15 today, with the first version released August 16, 1995. Pretty turbulent history, there.
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RE[2]: Hazy Days For Me
by purplemecha on Tue 17th Aug 2010 01:01 UTC in reply to "RE: Hazy Days For Me"
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Please forgive me, I didn't word it properly. What I was trying to say was that many web browsers including Firefox allow scripts to replace or disable context menus. In IE I was never able to find an option to turn off the ability of scripts to manipulate the context menus. In Firefox I have the ability to stop scripts from messing around with the context menu's. This of course can manifest itself as right or left click or keyboard etc. I hope I am more clear now. Sorry for the murky post.

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