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Sun Solaris, OpenSolaris Well, Oracle went from one of those big enterprise-serving companies most of us don't deal with to one of the more hated companies in our little community. Not only did they just sue Google over Android and its use of Java-related technologies, they also just officially killed off OpenSolaris. Solaris will still be open source, but source code will only come after each major release - development will happen behind closed doors.
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"Earlier there was no business reasons to run Solaris, just technological reasons. Now Oracle will try to make all their Enterprise customers switch to Solaris 11 - Larry Ellison will make sure there are business reasons to switch. And the Enterprise customers are many. Solaris has never been in a stronger position.

That's a painfully optimistic and naive appraisal of the situation, especially from someone who was steadfast that this day would never come.

All that's happened is that Solaris has gone back to being the completely proprietary Unix that was, and still is, leaking users and costing money. Oracle's only hope is to push Solaris and SPARC right into the high end to try and compete with AIX and Power to try and get the kind of margins they need to stop them leaking money. That is Ellison's goal, to have a go at IBM. Whether it will be successful considering how niche and crowded that market is I don't know.
I dont agree. Sun had 35.000 customers. Oracle has 350.000 customers. If Oracle makes sure that their database plays best on Solaris (maybe a new killer functionality that is only available on Solaris) then many will consider to switch to Solaris - because it improves their business.

Sun always have been reknown for new innovative technology. They will find out new cool tech to apply on the combination Oracle DB + Solaris. Just like Sun did to ZFS and DTrace and got the new Fishworks storage servers 7000 where you can do uniquely new things that had no counterpart before.

That is the reason I do believe that Solaris never has been in a stronger position that today.

Sure, Oracle is bad for OpenSolaris, but for Solaris as a whole - this is good. Solaris 11 will continue to have open source code, so Illumos based distros will have a chance to get all the source code and synchronize every 3rd month.

Therefore I dont agree with you.

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