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KDE KDE reaches out to another device form factor. Plasma's plugin-based design is at work again, after launching KDE special netbook interface. This time around, the KDE team presents its Plasma Tablet interface.
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RE: Simplicity?
by mart on Tue 17th Aug 2010 10:06 UTC in reply to "Simplicity?"
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we are way better in this regard compared to the past and yes, we can get better, still.

In Plasma we never accepted complex interfaces, neither we accept things like micro-options to change some not relevant detail.
in those videos, the wigets shon are pure content, with nearly zero chrome. They are mostly lists of content, being microblog entries, news from rss, contacts from opendesktop, weater info...
you won't see more than one-two buttons for each of those widgets, just when the widget lets "post entries" or things like that.

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