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Legal The entire complaint Oracle lobbed at Google has been available online for a while now, and after reading it through with my total lack of any knowledge of the inner workings of the American legal system, a few things did stand out to me as peculiar. We'll have to wait for a more detailed analysis by someone qualified to do so. Also, a few other notes about this case I've picked up online.
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Open Source JDK
by trenchsol on Tue 17th Aug 2010 19:29 UTC
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Oracle allows any individual to download and use the copy of THEIR Java Development Kit. I am very much grateful for that. One can also download developers version of their database server, JDeveloper and other products.

I don't see why would Oracle allow everyone to make money from their own property. I write software myself and I always retain tight control over distribution of my work.

Considering open source Java, I think it never worked properly. I had problems with some applets written by other people. Also, some of my customers had problems with my applications, running them on IcedTea on Redora. I refused to look into that until they installed official JRE from Oracle. But, when they did that, the problems ceased to exist. IcedTea is, probably, linked against some local libraries, any of which might cause problems. As far as I am concerned open source JRE/JDK should have never existed at all, because it is only causing me problems.

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