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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless It's clearly summer in some parts of the world, since news has been particularly slow the past few days. In other words, I have to scrounge up something to talk about, so let's talk about another apparent victim of Apple's and Google's success in the mobile space. RIM launched its Torch mobile phone to much fanfare not too long ago, but early reviews were negative, and now sales aren't really stellar either. What more can RIM do?
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by gfacer on Tue 17th Aug 2010 22:24 UTC
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I agree with the perception of the blackberry of the boring business oriented user....but I would think that the image of the touch screen models could be uniquely "cooler".

But, I am totally impressed with the recent ads (in Canada) that tell guys like me about the messaging advantages and so on......who knew? Android is an iphone "me-too" with more players behind it....maybe they eventually won't need Apple to innovate / compete with....but they probably do at this point.

RIM at least is pointing out that they have had features all along that the competition can't match (yet).....even the negative publicity has helped get the word out (again, this is to my ears anyways) about the message encryption and stuff. A good way to compete and make current users feel good about using the product. Palm should have tried that when the Iphone came out!

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