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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu In June 2009 we had some very good news about the integration of multitouch events support inside the Linux kernel. Since then, many multitouch device drivers were developed, mostly in collaboration with LII-ENAC, to take advantage from this. All the work was kernel-based, and multitouch supports needs more components to be added in a stack to get multitouch working out of the box. Canonical got interested in providing the needed user experience for multitouch by developing a new gesture engine that recognizes the grammar of natural hand gestures and provide them upstream in the stack as new events.
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by Chicken Blood on Wed 18th Aug 2010 05:50 UTC in reply to "RE[6]: Comment by Stratoukos"
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One thing I noticed when I was playing with the iPhone apis a while ago, was how primitive they were. They were in terms of things like 'finger one is now is position x1.y1 and finger two is now position x2.y2. It seemed pretty low level to me. If the Ubuntu touch api is working of a higher level than that, then I think it could be a big step forward. A sign the the iOS apis are a bit low level is that iPad apps don't have a standard vocabulary of touch gestures.

That's completely wrong. I guess you missed UIGestureRecognizer.

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