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Internet & Networking We're still in the slow news period, so let's talk about something we discussed before: blocking advertisements on websites. Up until, well, today, I didn't block ads - not because of some ethical objection or whatever, but simply because I couldn't be bothered to setup AdBlock. Today, after taking a closer look at some of the websites I frequent, I decided to take the plunge and install AdBlock on all my machines. The following set of screenshots should pretty much explain why.
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Comment by Kroc
by Kroc on Wed 18th Aug 2010 15:16 UTC
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I use CSS / AdBlock / NoScript for several reasons, not related to advertising.

* Security: Letting any site include third party Flash / JavaScript is insane. The web has a fundamentally broken security model and NoScript is the only fix at the moment

* Speed: Bad web design practices can cripple the speed of a website when relying on third party sites. With blocking the speed is noticeably better

* CPU / RAM: Same. Flash is horribly slow, wastes CPU, wastes battery and cripples the browsing experience on an Atom processor

* Content: Too many websites have too much crowd-spam, social-junk and utter worthless UI.

My site is my haven for content-only and none of the crap that plagues other sites.

OSn5 will massively improve on OSn4 when it comes to a focus on the actual content and none of this stupid fluff that plagues most sites.

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