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KDE "We always knew that WebKit is going to make Konqueror fast; but how much faster? Today we test that by putting Konqueror with KHTML through the SunSpider JavaScript Test and the then do the same with WebKit. To get an idea of how fast they are compared to other browsers, we also decided to put Firefox 4.0 Beta 2 through the tests."
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RE[2]: Why only now?!
by bousozoku on Thu 19th Aug 2010 00:57 UTC in reply to "RE: Why only now?!"
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i'd like to point out even if it's easily forgotten that KHTML has had a HARD time getting proper code from Apple, so yes, they're big evil corps, thankfully the license prevailed and we now have a very good engine which is getting contributions from everywhere.

And that's why *GPL* OSS > x (call this flamebait if you wish, it stands true here)

Ahhh, yes "proper code", whatever that is. You mean that the code wasn't returned in the same messy state that Apple had to start with it? That it was in a completely different messy state?

Yes, they returned the code in a different way than the KHTML developers wanted and there was much moaning, despite wholesale improvements in the code.

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